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This site is Koalisi Seni’s initiative to promote public awareness of Law Number 5 of 2017 regarding Advancement of Culture. We appreciate this law for its flexible perspectives. In the past, culture was regarded as fixed antiquities that were fragile and vulnerable, making it something that had to be isolated from the rest of the world. Now, culture is seen as adaptive and at the same time resilient. It is open to changes that come in an era, and moreover, it contributes to world civilization.

In this website, you can learn more about the dynamics of the Indonesian culture as well as actions to promote it. We hope you will be inspired to engage and appreciate the everyday life of culture.

Koalisi Seni

Koalisi Seni is a coalition of cross-sector artists envisioning a more holistic human development through the creation of a healthier arts and culture ecosystem. Our mission is to advocate for policies on the arts, support the establishment of the arts endowment fund, and promote knowledge transfer as well as strengthen the network of the membership. Up to June 2021, Koalisi Seni consists of 288 organizations and individuals specializing in the arts and culture across 21 provinces in Indonesia, and these numbers will keep growing.

Campaigning for the Law on Advancement of Culture is part of Koalisi Seni’s programs. To learn more about the Law on Advancement of Culture or other Koalisi Seni programs, you can visit koalisiseni.or.id, contact us at info@koalisiseni.or.id or follow @koalisiseni on Instagram.


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